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NNCC Charter Rev3

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Monthly NNCC Meeting

 05/08/2024 6:30 pm

North Natomas Public Library Community Room
4660 Via Ingoglia St, Sacramento, CA 95835 



Del Paso Mixed Use Project



WoodSpring Suites



Independence in Natomas

District 1

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District 3

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Previous Meeeting(s)

April 10, 2024

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Monthly NNCC Meeting

 04/10/2024 6:30 pm

North Natomas Public Library Community Room
4660 Via Ingoglia St, Sacramento, CA 95835 

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Airport South Industrial Project

04/11/2024 5:30 pm

The meeting will begin at 5:30pm and can be viewed in Council Chambers (New City Hall - 915 I Street) or virtually.


Please see additional information below including links to the report, e-comment, and information on how to watch the meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


Airport South Industrial Project Agenda Report - MetaViewer.php (

Planning & Design Commission Meeting E-Comment - City of Sacramento (

Link to watch the meeting virtually - City of Sacramento - City Clerk - Legislative Bodies & Agendas (


Home2 Suites


Shell Gas Station - Alcohol Sales

November 8, 2023

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Ranked Choice Voting

North Natomas Planning Update

The City Planner will be doing a presentation on the update to the Plan for North Natomas

October 11, 2023

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Truxel Bridge Study

Oct 2023 NN Community Coalition Presentation[58] - Read-Only.pdf

The City is studying the feasibility of a bridge crossing the American River that would connect South and North Natomas near Truxel.

September 13, 2023

NNCC Agenda 09-13-2023.docx


Conponelos Panhandle Property


Come join as at the North Natomas Library

July 13, 2023

NNCC Agenda 07-12-2023.docx

Sacramento Active Transportation Plan is a planning effort that will focus on identifying improvements for people walking, biking, and rolling (i.e., wheeled mobility devices used by people with disabilities, strollers, scooters, skateboards, etc.) throughout the City of Sacramento.

The city is in the process of updating the General Plan for 2024, including the North Natomas Community Plan. This is a key document that the city will refrence when working with developers, and so this is our chance to make comments, and have a say in the future of North Natomas. So, please add your comments to ours here.

Action needed!


A heat map comparing the flight paths and altitudes from 2014 and 2017, showing that flights are much lower, and noisier, when flying over North Natomas now under the "NextGen" routes.

FAA Noise Policy Review

The Federal Aviation Administration is accepting comments that could lead to returning the SMF southbound takeoff route away from our homes to the historic path over miles of open land owned by the county.

The open space along the Garden Highway/Sacramento River was the safe and only takeoff route southbound planes took for decades. A few years ago, the FAA adopted NextGen, which changed the path to an immediate eastward trajectory over Natomas.

Now aircraft no longer reach a higher, quieter altitude before crossing over homes -- risky for many reasons. SMF is the No. 1 airport per capita for bird strikes, and there are many documented negative heart health impacts of jet noise and exhaust.

The FAA is assessing the impact of the NextGen routes nationwide and will make changes based on comments during the noise policy review.

Please help us get FAA attention! Thank you for your quick action. 

To comment on the FAA Noise Policy Review:

Visit the Sacramento Airport's Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

City of Sacramento Request Regarding Airport Departures.pdf

June 14th, 2023 at 6:30 pm

NNCC Agenda 06-14-2023.docx


230614 Natomas PowerPoint sh.pdf

Opposing development on land that was planned to support threatened species

The Natomas Team of the Environmental Council of Sacramento will be presenting their opposition to the Airport South Industrial Project.

Heather Fargo Fact Page-Reasons to Oppose South Airport Industrial Project.pdf
Pages from PRD_2040_SacGPU_20230428_Compressed.pdf

North Natomas Community Plan

We will be discussing the updates to the North Natomas Community Plan presented in the draft version of the City's 2040 General Plan (pg 358).

Please review and add your comments here.

Sacramento 2040 General Plan Update

The City of Sacramento has released an updated draft version of the the 2040 General Plan, available here.


The City is hosting 3 online webinars that serve as an orientation to the plan update. We highly recommend attending! There is also an online self-guided workshop to help familiarize you with the 2040 plan update. Click below to jump to the Self Guided-Workshop Homepage.

For General Plan related questions and comments, please email

For Climate Action & Adaptation related questions and comments, please email

Previous Meetings

April 12th, 2023

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March 8th, 2023


NNCC Agenda 03-08-2023.docx


SacRT's Gregg Fishman will be presenting.

SacRT Overview Presentation 2023.pptx



Take a look at the Planned Unit Development (PUD) established for Commerce Station, and see what is envisioned for one of the not-yet developed areas of North Natomas.

Commerce Station Conceptual Land Use

Projects previously considered


Independence in Natomas



North Natomas Bike Campus

20220718 NNRP Bike Campus Master Plan Exhibit.pdf


Ascent “Workforce” Apartments



Medley Apartments



Terrace Park



Fairfield Suites Extension


For the most recent information visit the Sacramento Agency Counter.