North Natomas

The Natomas community has grown rapidly since the mid-1990s with extensive residential, office park, and retail development. Located near two major freeways, the Sacramento International Airport, and Downtown makes this area a prime location for visitors and locals alike. Currently, this area has more than 2.8 million square feet of local-serving retail plazas and large regional retail centers. The area also has a predominance of large business and office parks, education facilities and other organizations that make Natomas an ideal location for future employment, residential growth, mixed use development. This area has more than 1,000 acres of undeveloped land for future development opportunities.


Planning and Development

City of Sacramento

Planning Divison - - Community Development - 

Plannign Contacts - - Garrett Norman

Natomas -

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City of Sacramento Community Engagement Page for NNCC

Links for Finding City Development Projects

Sacramento Agency Counter

Natomas Buzz

Natomas Star - an alternative Natomas-Only news source.


CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)


City Council Districts


City Council Redistricting

City of Sacramento GIS Map Gallery

New Sacramento City Council District 1 (Adopted/Redistricted 12/16/2021)

New Sacramento City Council District 3 (Adopted/Redistricted December 16, 2021)

New City of Sacramento Council Districts – All (Adopted/Redistricted 12/16/2021)

New City of Sacramento Council Districts – Population and Ethnicity Demographics 

Sacramento County Districts

BOS_Districts 2019.pdf

County Board of Supervisors Redistricting

New County of Sacramento Board of Supervisor Districts – All  (Draft Map #2 was Adopted 12/15/2021)

New County Statistics  

Old County of Sacramento Board of Supervisor Districts – All  (As of 2019) 

Neighborhood Outreach


Neighborhood Outreach

Neighborhoods – City of Sacramento

City of Sacramento 2010 Neighborhood Population Estimates

Neighborhood Resource Boundary Lookup (Click on area to see Neighborhood Associations within.) 

Directory of City Neighborhood Associations – For All Council Districts 


State Assembly – District 6 – Kevin McCarty



State Senate – District 8 – Angelique Ashby



City of Sacramento – Council District 1 – Lisa Kaplan

City of Sacramento – Council District 3 – KARINA TALAMANTES

City of Sacramento – Mayor - Darrell Steinberg



Reclamation District 1000

Natomas Unified School District

Sacramento Police Department (as of 4/10/22)

Captain Vance Chandler runs SPD North Command (which encompasses Police Districts 1 & 2).

(916) 808-6464

Lieutenant Stephen Moore runs SPD District 1A.

Other Links

Agenda for Planning and Design Commission

North Natomas Community Plan (NNCP)

The North Natomas Finance Plan (NNFP)

City of Sacramento Land Information Lookup App (Zoning)

SB 9

Sacramento City Web Page on SB 9 

2040 General Plan Proposed Key Strategy – AKA FAQ – by Sacramento Planning Department

Text of Initiative - Our Neighborhood Voices (“Initiative Text” tab)

Sample City Council Resolution (“Sample Resolution” tab)

Save Sacramento Neighborhoods

Various PowerPoint Slides 

Missing Middle Housing - City of Sacramento Website

Flooding & Emergency Services

Sacramento County Flood Plans -  (“Water Resources, Storm Ready”) 

City of Sacramento Office of Emergency Management (SacOEM)

Reclamation District 1000 (RD1000) 

A Flood-Safe Future 4 Natomas 

Sacramento Transportation Plan


Reclamation District 1000

Natomas Unified School District

Food Resources

Food Stamps for Seniors

Medicare Grocery Benefit

Metro14 Livestream